Politics, PTSD May Lead to More Incidents

Ten percent of the 160 incidents that the FBI classifies as active shooter events occurred on government grounds, including five on military properties.

The history of attacks at government facilities in many ways reflects those in society at large: they run the gamut from domestic attacks and drunken fights to politically motivated massacres, including the 2009 killing of 13 at Fort Hood, Texas that was perpetrated by a U.S. soldier.

After the horrific attack at a base in Tennessee, former Assistant Secretary of Defense Paul Stockton said the military must rethink security from a perimeter perspective. “If we strengthen the perimeter, build our fences, if you will, against threats on the other side, we will be secure. That approach is outmoded, it is broken, and the department needs to replace it.”

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“What the Department of Defense should do is build security from within.”

- Assistant Secretary of Defense Paul Stockton